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Welcome to the iSports Universe information page. This App contains best selling youth sports instructional videos by Marty Schupak. Coach Schupak has been coaching youth sports for over 21 years. He has transformed his success on the field into these popular videos that have been viewed by thousands of coaches and parents around the world. Some of these videos are required viewing by many youth leagues. The content in these programs are great for parents to share with their kids in their own backyard as well as youth and collegiate coaches using them to run their practices.

The iSports Universe App is a free download and includes a complimentary sports instructional video, which you can find by clicking on the baseball icon in the LIBRARY tab at the bottom of the app. A free trailer showcasing many of the videos available on this app can be viewed by clicking on the TRAILER tab at the top right of the app.

To purchase another 30+ minute video for ninety-nine cents, or the complete library for $12.99, click on the STORE tab at the bottom of the app and browse by sport. You can view the trailer of each video before purchasing. Once you purchase a video in the store tab you can access it in the Library tab from the appropriate sports icon.

Any individual drill from a purchased video can be favorited by clicking on the STAR during playback of that clip. A favorited clip will be stored in the FAVORITES tab at the bottom of the app for easy access.

iSportsUniverse Q & A

Will there be more videos added to this App?

There are more that will be added throughout the year.

If you purchase the complete App covering all the videos, will you be able to view the added videos?

Yes! If you pay for the complete App covering all the present videos, you are grandfathered in for all future videos added.

Is there anywhere to purchase the DVD version of any of the videos?

Yes. is the distributor for all the videos on iSports Universe in DVD format. They can also be purchased at

Will there be videos added in other sports? Yes. Marty Schupak is still producing new videos in almost all sports. You can keep checking the App and once you purchase the App, you will be notified of any updates.

Where is this App available? You can download this App at the iTunes store and is compatible with the iPad, the iPhone and the iPod touch. Plans are in the works to have this App available on Droids and other Tablets, though there is no timetable.