Baseball PakPad

The Baseball Pak PadTM is our Newest Coaching Application!

Baseball Pak PadTM

The Baseball Pak PadTM produced by Marty Schupak is a tool that let's baseball and softball coaches keep and refer to statistics, batting order, defensive alignment and more during and after a game. While coaching youth baseball for over 20 years, Coach Marty Schupak, while in the third base coaching box would always be yelling into his dugout for information about stats, personnel etc. After using an index card and later from a copyrighted pad, he wanted an item that can keep basic information during the course of a game and refer to it both in the coaching box and in the dugout. The Baseball Pak PadTM affords a coach the luxury of something to refer. Nothing should keep a coaches attention away from the field but there are numerous times when this can be used in the course of a game. This is perfect to refer to at the start of an inning, between batters, when the opposing team is changing pitchers and can be carried on in the dugout.

The Baseball Pak PadTM does the following:
1) Roster List:
Keeps your roster of players once you submit your complete team. From this fixed roster list you can put your batting order in for each game and refer to this throughout your games.

2) Batting Order:
The Baseball Pak PadTM allows you input your batting order from 1-9 and for softball from 1-10. In some leagues and certain game situations, the team batting order will utilize 12 players and the functionality of the batting order screen allows you to create a batting order from 1-12.

3) Pitch Count:
Many youth baseball leagues now have pitch count limitations for each game and depending on the pitches thrown, for a pitchers next game availability. On the Pitch Count screen, the user is able to keep track of the number of pitches thrown just by clicking the + (plus) sign on the appropriate screen. The pitch count will be kept in the memory so it can be referred to after the game when establishing pitchers for the next game or games.

4) Score Board:
On the scoreboard screen, by touching the plus sign, the score can be kept throughout the game. Most youth games run six innings but the scoreboard screen can go up to 10 innings.

5) Field Alignment:
On the field alignment screen, the coach is afforded a quick glance at the present field position. This can be changed when coaches need to make substitutions.

Added Functions:

The Pak PadTM also has a drop box scoreboard on each screen which makes for a great quick referral.

To Receive Your PakpadTM Application:

To Download:

1. Go to iTunes
2. Click App Store
3. Type In PakPad

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.

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