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Marty Schupak‘s Youth Baseball Coach’s Clinic

"Beyond Balls & Strikes"


"How To Run A Youth Baseball Practice"

Who Should Attend?

* Youth baseball coaches of 7-12 years old

* Youth league presidents, commissioners, & board members

* Parents of youth baseball players

Run By Marty Schupak

* Youth baseball coach for 21 years

* Creator of 9 instructional baseball videos, including The 59 Minute Baseball Practice

* Author of the popular book Youth Baseball Drills

* Has run over 1,500 youth practices

Subjects Covered

* Dealing with parents

* Why practices should not run over 1 1/2 hours

* Creative drills guaranteed to stimulate youth players

* How to run batting practice efficiently

* Why base running should be drilled at each practice

* Creating your own props to use in practices

* Drills to use in backyards & playgrounds

* Strategies for All-Stars & Playoffs for 11-12 years old

TO SCHEDULE A CLINIC FOR YOUR LEAGUE CALL MARTY SCHUPAK DIRECT AT (845) 536-4278 or email support@youthsportsclub.com