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JUGS Football Passing Machine (Free shipping)
Jugs Football Passing Machine-Free Shipping

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The Jugs Football Passing Machine Is The Same Machine The Pros Use! Embrace Success!

Product Information:

Catch more passes and practice more punt returns in a week than you normally could in an entire season with the original Jugs® Football Passing Machine™. The Jugs® M1700 Football Machine™ throws 5 to 80-yard passes up to 600 times in a single hour for maximum repetitions and more effective team practices. Includes a 5-year manufacturer warranty.


  • The original Football Machine
  • Throws 5-80 yard passes
  • 600 passes or kicks per hour
  • Running backs, tight ends, and wide receivers can catch more passes in a week than they normally would an entire season
  • Defensive backs and linebackers can practice a variety of reaction and zone-coverage drills
  • Helps kickoff returners can get maximum reps
  • Manufacturer's warranty: 5 years
  • Model: M1700

The JUGS Football Machine™ can help you in these areas:

1. The most obvious is this machine will throw passes to your receivers, tight ends and running backs. You are able to control the distance so if a player is weak catching passes over the middle, set your Jugs machine accordingly. Once you become efficient with the use of this machine your players will catch more footballs in a day than they would normally catch in a week. Put your team and players ahead of the competition.

2. Defensive backs and linebackers can be given practice on a variety of reaction and zone-coverage drills in a short period of time, without having to take your best quarterback away from where you really need him to be -- with the offensive unit. A substitute player, or even the team manager, can operate JUGS, thus freeing your coaching staff, quarterbacks and punters.

3.Your have heard of the legendary "tip drill" that the defense practices regularly. This Jugs machine can be set up to do the tip drill. Your secondary, linebackers and even linemen will benefit from the multiple tip drill repetitions in a short period of time.

4. Your kicking game will benefit. With the Jugs machine doing the kicking high-lofting end-over-end "kicks" go exactly where you want them to--so your players learn their assignments quickly.

In addition the Jugs Football Machine can help with: fair catches, downing a punt, securing a loose ball and how about saving your quarterbacks and coaches arms. And much more!

This is the perfect machine for doing everything you would ever need a football machine to do. No more quarterbacks with sore arms, no more kickers with dead legs, no more receivers who can't get enough catch res in, no more punt and kick returners who don't get enough practice fielding kicks. This machine does it all! Extremely accurate, the JUGS Football Passing Machine throws perfect spirals to the same location every time. It can throw passes as short as 5 yards or as long as 80 yards, The same goes for end-over-end kicks. It can use any size or type of football from Junior size (age 9-12) all the way up to Pro size footballs. Please note that the football machine is most accurate when using the same type of ball with every throw and that it CANNOT THROW PEEWEE SIZE FOOTBALLS.

Here are excerpts from an ESPN article on the Jugs Football Passing Machine

Jugs Effect: The machine that changed football

By Greg Garber, ESPN Senior Writer

…………..Between 2010 and 2012, Antonio Brown, Mike Wallace and Emmanuel Sanders learned the subtle art of playing wide receiver from professor Hines Ward. Catching 101 with the then-trio of Pittsburgh Steelers, known as the Young Money crew, began (and sometimes ended) with a daily session on the Jugs machine. The three receivers have amassed a collective career total of 1,516 catches for 21,126 yards and 133 touchdowns through Week 15 of the 2016 season.Practice must make perfect, right?

…………..The Jugs machine made its debut in the mid-1970s, filling an immediate niche: With less than a handful of quarterbacks on a typical football roster, there were never enough passes to go around for players who wanted to improve their catching skills via repetition. Forty years later, more than 25,000 machines have been shipped from the Jugs Sports factory in Tualatin, Oregon. Football at all levels has become more dominated by the passing game than ever before, and the Jugs machine, along with its various competitors, is a significant reason.

…………..There are a number of football-throwing machines on the market now, but the original Jugs machine is the most universally known and has become the ubiquitous, generic name for throwing machines, like Jello-O or Q-Tips are in other realms. Even competitors' machines are often referred to by players simply as "The Jugs.” John Paulson played semi-pro baseball in the 1920s, and when his son Butch was coming up in Little League, he designed a machine in 1971 that would throw consistent pitches. The Jugs Curveball Pitching Machine was the company's first product, with the name derived from an old-time baseball expression about a "jug-handle curve," which the original machine could be adjusted to throw. In 1974, John started working on a football-throwing machine, eventually securing a patent. Soon after, he started showing it to NFL teams. Raymond Berry was one of the first to grasp the potential impact. A Baltimore Colts wide receiver from 1955 to 1967, Berry was an assistant coach for the Cleveland Browns when he wrote Paulson a letter in 1976, three years after Berry was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"I have been amazed at what this piece of equipment can do in the training of receivers," Berry wrote to Paulson. "It makes it possible to work a group of 10 receivers 15 minutes and have each player catch 20 or 25 balls. If I was still playing, I'd buy one myself and have my wife feed the balls to it. It's that simple to operate.

"It's the greatest thing I've seen in a long time."

According to Paulson, every NFL team has ordered Jugs machines over the years. The day before ESPN visited the company in late October, the New Orleans Saints called with an urgent order and popped for overnight shipping. There was a substantial trickle-down effect, from the NFL to major colleges. Now, college programs at all levels, and even many high schools, own a Jugs machine -- Jugs has even shipped more than 100 machines to Australia for Aussie Rules Football players.

The machine isn't terribly complicated. A pair of 16-inch rubber wheels, driven by a one-quarter horsepower motor, are angled in such a way that a ball fed between the wheels creates a perfect spiral as it's launched. Paulson even has a patent for the light-blue paint that covers the machine. You can change the direction and trajectory with a simple one-handed tweak, and it can also simulate booming punts and end-over-end kicks.

…………..Players use the Jugs machine differently, some with emphasis in the offseason and training camp, others as a daily pre- or post-practice ritual. Pittsburgh's Brown works it early and often during camp. (He has been known to post his best over-the-shoulder and one-handed catches on Snapchat.) Titans rookie wide receiver Tajae Sharpe catches 50 on each side of his body daily, and starts the count over if he drops one. Sanders bought one to use at his Houston home -- catching 500 to 600 passes in a single day is not uncommon for the Broncos receiver, but he's not willing to risk a broken finger by setting the speed at 60 mph.

"For me, it's about muscle memory and training my eyes at the speed I'm going to be playing at," Sanders said. "So that's why I leave it at 30 to 40.”

…………….(Mike) Wallace tells the young receivers, "If you want to get as much money as you can, you have to catch passes. And this helps. If you have access to something that is going to make you better or help you at your craft, help your family live better, then why not do it?

"If you do it in high school, you'll be better by college. Then you'll be amazing by the time you get to the NFL."

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The Jugs Football Passing Machine
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