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Common Sense Coaching, Baseball Creativity in Your Own Backyard (Sep 16, Marty Schupak)
       The sporting goods industry is a multi-billion dollar business, and the cost of equipment can be ridiculously expensive. Every family cannot afford the latest and greates
Common Sense Coaching, Baserunning, Baseball's 10th Man (Aug 16, Marty Schupak)
        I have some great news for all youth baseball coaches who feel they have a weak team and still want to be competitive. Here it is. Baserunning. Hardly any
Common Sense Coaching, Batting Practice Methods (Nov 16, Marty Schupak)
       In my twenty-one years of coaching youth baseball, I have always looked for the most efficient practice methods in every aspect of baseball. It took me only a few years t
Common Sense Coaching, Bunt Young, Bunt Often In Little League (Jul 16, Marty Schupak)
       Bunting is a very big part of baseball. And, when a bunt is laid down the right way, it is very difficult to defend. I have always been a big believer in bunting, and fee
Common Sense Coaching, Four Things Little League Teams Should Practice, But Don’t (May 23, Marty Schupak)
         It is amazing how Little League baseball teams and beyond do not practice some fundamental aspects of the game. From my standpoint, the reason I practice
Common Sense Coaching, Teaching Youth Players To Catch Fly Balls (Oct 16, Marty Schupak)
       It has always amazed me how tee ball coaches approach teaching their players the skill to catch fly balls. They will have their players aged five and six take turns while
Common Sense Coaching: Teaching Hitting To Little League Players (April 23, Marty Schupak)
        One thing I learned in my 21 years coaching youth baseball is that there is no perfect way to coach hitters. I never considered myself an expert at teaching