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soccer shooting drills | Jugs Soccer Machine | increased drills and repetitions

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Jugs Soccer Machine helps you really maximize your team’s practice time.

Soccer Shooting Drills With Maximum Repetitions

You will hear the same thing about this great product on a lot of other web sites. How the Jugs Soccer Machine is used by over 2,000 high school and college soccer teams to give them additional soccer shooting drills that would not be possible. And with JUGS, you can “kick” left- or right-footed and hook a ball at any arc, speed, or distance—up to 80 yards. With JUGS Soccer Machine, your goalkeepers can improve skills like taking high crosses, punching difficult crosses, narrowing the angle, increasing reaction time, and improving diving technique with the soccer shooting drills. There is nothing like the game like conditions that this products offers. Once you become familiar with the nuances of moving the machine from spot to spot, you will save an incredible amount of time during your practices while at the same time your team will be getting tons of more repetitions.
The genius of the Jugs Soccer Machine is the creative drills you will be able to do. Here is one of them:
Jugs Soccer Machine Goalie Drill Picture And Explanation

JUGS’ consistent and realistic shots at the goalkeeper help him or her prepare for games and give you time to coach—your goalkeepers will see more shots in a 20-minute drill session than they’ll see in 10 games. Balls can be perfectly fed to your players, with JUGS Soccer Machine. You can easily vary the height, speed, distance, and spin of the balls thrown by JUGS, so your players quickly learn how to control the ball with their feet, thighs, or chests. Players can also greatly improve their one-touch passing techniques with JUGS because of the different types of passes the JUGS Soccer Machine will make. Strikers always get a good selection of balls. First-time volleys, headers, and ground shots can be practiced with or without opposition present—you can select any area for the ball to be played into. You can vary the height, speed, and amount of spin impacted to the ball, creating both in-swinging and out-swinging crosses. If your budget allows, when you have two machines you can do the most creative drills you could imagine! And with soccer ball rapid fire! Embrace greatness for your soccer team. Buy the Jugs Soccer Machine now and Marty Schupak will throw in for free his 6 best selling soccer DVDs with over 300 creative drills!

The Youth Sports Club loves the Jugs Soccer Machine so much we are offering Free Shipping with this item!


This is one terrific machine! At Navy, we have two JUGS Soccer Machines and they are in constant use. These machines deliver incredible accuracy, which permits our players constant repetitive skill work. Largely because we have JUGS, our players have quickly and dramatically improved their skills. This machine can be used as any part of practice where a flighted ball is needed. Having JUGS is like having an extra full-time coach. If your teams needs repetition training, the JUGS Soccer Machine is invaluable.
-Greg Myers, Head Soccer Coach, US Naval Academy

Our men's soccer program has used the JUGS Soccer Machine for the past two seasons. Our players have benefitted tremendously by the many uses of the JUGS Machine. Our goalkeepers have improved at a much faster rate because of the accurate repetition drills the JUGS Machine can provide on a consistent basis. It also saved our coaching staff time and energy because the JUGS Machine simulated designated shots and passing situations. If you're going to have a quality soccer program, you need a quality machine like 'The JUGS.
-Claude Bonfiglio, Head Coach, Cleveland High School, Portland, Oregon

I was first introduced to the Soccer Machine by Jugs in 1986 at Shep Messing''s goalkeeper Academy on Long Island, N.Y. Since then I have wanted one for my own training purposes and now that I am a goalkeeper trainer I believe that it would be the number one item on my wish list for training sessions. I can no longer strike the ball at the pace these young players face in games and the Soccer Machine, (known intimately by those who have faced her as Jugs) provides this and many other uses in a training session. Anyone out there thinking about getting this training tool should think no more and spend the money. The Soccer Machine by Jugs is a great training aid and once you have mastered its specialties you will not spend another day recovering from the 101 crosses you served the day before.
-Earl Morgan

As a head soccer coach at a small college, I do not have the staff of assistants available to continuously drive soccer balls for group drills. The machine serves a consistent ball and can be controlled to place it where I want the ball delivered.
- Patrick Faulds

The JUGS Soccer Machine is used at each session of the No. 1 Goalkeeper's Camp. I believe it to be the finest goalkeeping training device yet.Its multifarious uses provide hours of enjoyable training for the goalkeeper. JUGS ability to accurately serve the soccer ball at various speeds and spins cannot be duplicated.Using JUGS, there is no unnecessary strain or risk to outfield players, and importantly, JUGS is great fun, too.
-Dr. Joseph Machnik, Director, No. 1 Goalkeepers Camp

My first experience with JUGS was when I was in high school playing goalkeeper, I had to admit i was a rush. Now that I am out of school I am a keeper coach so I want all the kids that I coach to get the experience and see how much better it can make them.
- Jorge Olarte

I think this invention is really nifty because it can help all different positions on the field. I like it because I am a goalkeeper and it really helps me better in the skills category
-Kory Callahan

Thanks to Marty Schupak and the Youth Sports Club our transaction went smoothly. Within 5 days of our order my team was using the Jugs Soccer Machine.
-Lou F.

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Jugs Soccer Machine Specifications

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Jugs Soccer Machine

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