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Backyard Lacrosse (Free shipping)
Backyard Lacrosse Fundamentals | lacrosse training

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Backyard Lacrosse is one of the most creative sports videos ever made.
This video covers many of the basic lacrosse skills and drills as well as
many intermediate and advanced skills. The video is geared for players 8-18 years old.
The drills are perfect for a backyard or any confined area. The drills are made to
give the participants many repetitions in a short period of time.

Included in the video: passing, shooting, catching, cradling, dodging, communication skills & more!


My girls loved this video.

-Patricia A. Camerson

Basic skills and fundamentals are the keys to learning any sport. BACKYARD LACROSSE accomplishes teaching sound fundamentals while keeping it fun.This is an added value program for anyone who participates in any lacrosse league. Coaches, parents, schools and recreation departments should make this video required viewing.

-Louis Trent

If you ever wanted to know why Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the US, you have to see BACKYARD LACROSSE. A one of a kind sports instructional video that covers a lot of fundamentals and stimulating drills. A winning program!

-Victor Green

Trade Magazine Reviews


A welcome and unique addition to coach Marty Schupak’s backyard skills and drills instructional titles, Backyard Lacrosse will help youngsters who are engaged in America’s fastest-growing team sport. Starting with using the lacrosse stick to bounce a tennis ball against a wall and catch it, the program quickly moves on to key skills such as scooping up ground balls and catching fly balls. The ability to cradle the ball in the stick is considered one of the most important lacrosse fundamentals, and viewers are offered tips on how to maintain the best control of the ball. In addition, players often need to catch and throw using their non-dominant hand, so several drills here are designed to give the weaker hand a workout. Other drills include using common backyard items for target practice, and a creative variation on the kids’ game “monkey in the middle,” with one player standing between two others while trying to intercept passes-an activity that takes on a whole different dimension with sticks. Also featuring tips on proper protective gear selection, this excellent sports instruction how-to is highly recommended.

The Midwest Book Review

A Native American sport going back centuries, Lacrosse was introduced to Europeans and became on of the most popular sports world wide. It is currently the fastest growing team sport in America. "Backyard Lacrosse" is an instructional 38-minute DVD showcasing creative drills and fundamental techniques of interest to both novice and experienced lacrosse players. Each of these exercises can be down in an ordinary backyard, school playground, and either alone or with teammates. Appropriate for players ages 10 and older (especially the competitive high school player), "Backyard Lacrosse" covers stick control, scooping fundamentals, cradling, shooting techniques, creative drills, dodging, an equipment over view, and a wealth of practical tips that will enhance lacrosse player performance. "Backyard Lacrosse" is a strongly recommended addition to personal, school, community center, and community library Sports & Athletics instructional DVD collections.

Lacrosse Training | Backyard Lacrosse Video

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The most creative Lacrosse video made!

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