Basketball Dribble Knock Out and Dribble Tag

Practices can be made more effective and enjoyable by having one or more drills in the form of a game. In Dribble Knock Out all players except one have a ball and are in a confined area. On the “Go” command the player without the ball has to knock the ball away from one of the ball handlers. Players whose ball is knocked away are out and must go outside the designated area.

Younger kids can play a similar game, Dribble Tag, which is like regular tag in a confined area. One player is “it” and has to tag another player. Dribble tag is great way to break up a practice.

An important teaching point in the dribble knock out game is that the ball handler practices keeping his body between the ball and his man and works on general ball handling. In both Dribble Knock Out and Dribble Tag the coach should mix up the dribbling hands, having a right hand turn, then left hand, then both hands. This drill is recommended for all ages.

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