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The first Pitch curveball is great for the more advanced baseball and softball player and team - throwing curveballs, breaking balls and fastballs at speeds up to 105 mph.

Relief Pitcher by First Pitch is both lightweight and sturdy. Manufactured in the USA, Its Lesson/Minarik DC drive motor throws dimpled baseballs from 10 to 50 MPH, and softballs up to 42 MPH! The First Pitch Relief Pitcher pitching machine comes with two ball chutes that can easily be swapped out for baseball or softball and has reversible legs adjustable to throw from softball or baseball pitching height. 


  • Up To 105 MPH. Not many pitching machines match this speed.
  • 360 Swivel Base. This function is underrated and will save you time on the field.
  • Two 1/3 HP motors. This patent protected part of the machine is thoroughly calibrated before shipping.
  • Adjustable Legs. The legs will enable baseball as well as softball pitching.
  • Pitches, Ground Balls and Pop Flies. Many coaches overlook the fact that some pitching machines can help with fielding drills.
  • Available for Baseball, Softball, or Both. Brothers get sisters and sisters get brothers. This pitching machine will cover everyone!
  • Five Year Warranty. This is one of the best aspects of First Pitch. They stand behind their products.
  • Throws Multiple pitches including Curveballs, Sliders, Knuckleballs, Fastballs, Tailing Fastballs, & Sidearm curves. There are not many pitching machines that throw these different kind of pitches and can throw up to 105 MPH!