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Iron Mike MP5 Rack Fed Pitching Machine Is one of the most durable machine's available. Repetition repetition repetition... This machine will allow you to hit ball after ball giving you the head up over your competition.


  • Ball rack feed - 38 baseball or 28 softball capacity
  • Throws 25-85 MPH
  • Heavy duty arm and hand system
  • Easily converted from baseball to softball
  • Built-in low voltage remote control with 80 foot cord
  • 4-wheel transport for quick, easy moving
  • Lockable arm guard cover
  • Electrically powered - 115 volt A.C. motor

Why Choose An Arm-Style Pitching Machine?

Hitting is all about timing. You must have the proper timing to know when to start your swing and when to shift your weight. This is achieved by watching the pitcher's arm and release of the ball. An arm-style pitching machine is the only type of pitching machine that gives you that same sense of timing as facing a real pitcher. It is the realistic nature of the machine that allows you to practice the same fundamentals in the batting cages as you use on the field.