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The Jugs BP® 3 is the best pitching macine on the market to practice hitting Changeups!


  • Throws Changeups - Change from fastball to changeup at the touch of a button

  • *Digital Speed Adjustment: 40-90 mph.

  • *Select-A-Pitch™ Dial: The BP®3 throws the following nine pitches at the turn of a dial. • Fastballs and Changeups • Right- and Left-handed Curveballs and Sliders • Right- and Left-handed Cutters • Split-finger Fastballs

  • *Micro-Adjustment: Pinpoint™ control at your fingertips

  • *Fastball/Changeup Hitting Circuit: 3 preset hitting circuits allows the machine to automatically change between fastball and changeup giving your hitters a "real" pitcher vs. hitter experience.

  • *Patented Grip-Tite™ 12” non-marking pneumatic tires—Average 20-year life expectancy compared to 5-year solid-tire life expectancy.

  • *Grip-Tite™ tires provide superior pitch accuracy compared to any other 3-wheel machine. 

  • *Always see the ball™ delivery system: A clear and uninterrupted view of the ball throughout the entire pitch process allows the hitter to realistically time their stride.

  • *Throws baseballs, JUGS Pearl®, Sting-Free® baseballs, Lite-Flite® baseballs, Softie® baseballs and Bulldog™ polyballs.

  • *Runs on 110-volt AC or the Powerhorse® Portable Inverter Generator–2000.