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Soccer Training DVD Set Combination #6
soccer fundamental videos | Advanced Instruction | shooting, goalkeeping

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Six Soccer DVDs With Over 300 Drills

Soccer Fundamentals And Advanced Drills Championship Teams And Coaches Use! Secrets Revealed!

* Over 200 creative drills
* Shooting, dribbling, passing, heading, long kicks, short kicks, goalie drills, footwork drills, agility drills, fun games and more!
* Team drills and individual drills
* Backyard drills
* Communication
* Advanced drills

The drills in this video have been put together by some of the best soccer coaches in the world covering the most basic soccer fundamentals as well as the most advanced drills used by the best coaches in the world!

Championship Soccer Drills

Aimed at both parents and coaches, Championship Soccer Drills hopes to make soccer practice sessions more stimulating and fun, with more drills and routines than you can shake a leg at. Under the direction of known youth sports coach Marty Schupak and nationally known coach Bart Jansen, a group of crack soccer youngsters demonstrate drills meant to enhance individual and team skills in the areas of ball handling, dribbling, chipping (just like golf-short, high-arching shots), and passing. Also covered are “heading” techniques (yes, that’s bouncing the ball off the ol’ noggin), as well as one-on-one drills, and “back moves” (fancy and strategic ball control techniques). A virtual book-of-drills on video that will be a boon for the target audience (coaches and parents) looking for new ideas to sharpen kids’ skills, this is definitely recommended.

- Review from Video Librarian

34 Soccer Goalie Drills

The one player who can save a soccer game is the goalie, and this position-the last line of defense –requires agility and strength along with unflinching nerve. Packed with drills and skills, this latest entry from Youth Sports Club is easily adaptable to players of all ages and abilities, with techniques that can be performed during team practice on the field or in the backyard. The 34 drills (including agility drills, speed drills, and punting) are well organized into individual chapters for easy navigation and each is presented multiple times from various angles and voiceover instruction. Though 34 Soccer Goalie Drills is targeted towards aspiring goalies ages 10 and up, the players demonstrating the drills are high school aged, which gives the program a wider audience appeal. All of the titles I have reviewed from this distributor have been topnotch, and this one is by far the best I have seen on this subject. DVD extras include 10 additional bonus tips. Highly recommended.
- Review from Video Librarian

Backyard Soccer Drills

This straightforward program displays more than 40 basic to advanced soccer drills that can be practiced in confined areas (driveway, decks, backyards) by individuals or small groups. Clear voice-over narration describes each captioned sequence as a veteran coach and young players demonstrate the drills. Close-up camera shots and slow-motion segments make directions easy to follow. The drills run the gamut from those incorporating fancy footwork and head shots to basic passing, shooting, and other offensive moves. Several fun games such as “Red Light, Green Light” and “Steal the Bacon”, are turned into soccer drills with the inclusion of various techniques. Coaches looking to liven up their practices and players wanting to sharpen their skills are the prime audience for this useful program.
-Review From Booklist

Soccer Shooting Drills
Soccer coaches looking for new techniques or players hoping to learn a few new approaches will find some fresh ideas in this latest program from soccer coach Marty Schupak. Concentrating on goal shots, Soccer Shooting Drills covers over 30 different drills of varying degrees of difficulty with a squad of coed players. Starting with the fundamentals of a straight-on shot- with a player demonstrating proper body alignment and follow-through necessary for a successful kick-the drills become progressively more complex, involving stationary and moving balls, balls entering the playing field from various angles, balls passed from other players in optimum and less-than-optimum circumstances, and more (one of the creative drills here resembles a game of musical chairs), as well as an overview of 10 essential shooting tips. Recommended.
- Review from Video Librarian

Soccer Fast Footwork Drills

Skilled footwork is fundamental to soccer. Masterfully presenting an amazing variety of drills, Soccer Fast Footwork Drills features moves (including the squirt, the scissor, and the inside-out) that can be practiced solo within a limited space. The program also includes drills on changing direction abruptly (reinforcing the fact that the best route to the net is not necessarily in a straight line), lateral movements, and hesitation dribbles (that can help a player explode past a defender by faking a direction change). One-on-one segments illustrate how the drills are translated into actual playing situations against an opponent. Sure to be a popular addition, this is highly recommended.
- Review from Video Librarian

Advanced Soccer Drills
Expert physical educator and youth athletics coach Marty Schupak presents Advanced Soccer Drills, a DVD guide to training oneself or one’s team in the sport of soccer. Packed with exercises used by competitive players worldwide, Advanced Soccer Drills covers means to improve footwork, crosses, heading, shooting, juggling, volleys, and conditioning, with a sprinkling of fun games thrown in. Hands-on (or rather, feet-on) demonstrations make Advanced Soccer Drills easy to follow and imitate. Enthusiastically recommended for soccer players and especially for coaches.

- Midwest Book Review

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